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Mission Statement

To enable devoted caregivers to provide their terminally ill pets the highest quality of life possible in the comfort of home.

Philosophy of Veterinary Hospice

In general, the goal of veterinary hospice is to give pet owners an extended and more intimate opportunity to say "good-bye" after their pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

At Gentle Journey Veterinary Hospice, this goal is achieved by giving you the knowledge and support needed to provide within your own home the veterinary care essential to maximizing your pet's quality of life. Modern techniques are used to control pain, achieve nutritional balance and hydration, address mobility and hygiene concerns, and ensure that both the emotional and physical needs of your pet are met. Emotional support is also provided for you before, during, and after your pet's death. At Gentle Journey Veterinary Hospice, provision of care follows a series of steps so that nothing is missed.

Rascal, a cat

History of Veterinary Hospice

The current concept of veterinary hospice originated with Dr. Eric Clough and has developed greatly in recent years. Kathy Maracchino recognized the need for improved end-of-life choices for pets in 1996 and started the Nikki Hospice Foundation to benefit pets, pet owners, and hospice providers. Over the past 12 years, veterinary interest in providing hospice has increased dramatically. Colorado State University has an excellent program on veterinary hospice known as the Argus Institute. In addition, Dr. Alice Villalobos has published many articles in veterinary journals about her Pawspice program. Hospice care is now recognized by the American Animal Hospital Association as essential for quality veterinary practices.

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